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Feminist Media Histories Vol. 7 No. 2, Spring 2021

Affect Feminist Media Histories Vol. 7 No. 2, Spring 2021

Feminist Media Histories Spring 2021

A special issue on Affect

Edited by Jennifer M. Bean
Managing Editor: Xin Peng


Sandra Soto - Feel Lags (for José)

Ann Cvetkovich - “It Feels Right to Me”: Queer Feminist Art Installations and the Sovereignty of the Senses

Kathleen Woodward - The Feeling of Freedom, Planetary Affect, and Feminist Emotion: Recent Work by Video Artist Cecelia Condit

Amber Jamilla Musser - Sweat, Display, and Blackness: The Promises of Liquidity

Maggie Hennefeld - Affect Theory in the Throat of Laughter: Feminist Killjoys, Humorless Capitalists, and Contagious Hysterics

Paula Amad - Affective Cin-aereality: Women and Aviation in Silent Cinema

Zhen Zhang - Acupuncture of Time (Fragments for a Memoir of the Present)


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