M.A. in Cinema and Media Studies

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Director of Graduate Studies: James Tweedie (jtweedie@uw.edu
Graduate Program Advisor: Yuko Mera (gradcinema@uw.edu)


Our two-year master’s program prepares students for advanced work in Cinema and Media Studies, or for careers in teaching at the elementary, secondary, or junior college levels. In addition, M.A. students will emerge with:

  1. ) an interdisciplinary understanding of the field from a humanistic perspective;
  2. ) awareness of the relationship between their scholarly practice and the communities in which we live; 
  3. ) the ability to assess effective pedagogical techniques in the field.

The faculty in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies have particular strengths in world cinema; silent-era film; documentary cinema; Chinese cinemas; South Asian cinemas; media technologies; television studies; new media; digital studies; race, gender, and media. For more information see our faculty list.

Admission Requirements

Requires the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies, Media Studies, or related field. 


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Program Curriculum

(Enrolled students should consult the graduate student handbook for detailed policies and procedures.) 

See chart below for expected progress through the program. 


Students are required to take CMS 525 Pedagogy and CMS 520 Methods and Issues as well as three of the four core seminars: CMS 570 Media Lab, CMS 571 National Frameworks, CMS 572 Historiography, and CMS 573 Aesthetics. An additional 20 credits of graded coursework at the 500 level are also required.  Enrollment in CMS 590 is required for completion of the M.A. project (see below).

M.A. Project

After completion of coursework, students prepare a master’s project under the supervision of a faculty member. Projects usually take the form of scholarly essays, 25-30 pages in length, but they may take other forms.

Sample Progress Chart for the M.A.

Year One

CMS 525

CMS 570

CMS 520

CMS 571

CMS 572


Year Two




CMS 590