Departmental research reflects the diversity of our faculty and students, with a wide range of scholarly, editorial, and translation projects underway. Recent faculty publications include book-length studies of Freud and psychoanalysis, Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister, the Gothic text, hypertext, and historical trauma in 20th Century Chinese literature and film; a feminist reader on early cinema; and editions of two novels by William Godwin and of the works of Northrup Frye.

Recent dissertations have explored a wide range of topics—including naturalism, power and representation, Romantic hermeneutics, and theories of identification—in literature and cinema from England, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, the West Indies, and Egypt.

Graduate students have participated in language study and research throughout the U.S. as well as in China, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Mexico, and Switzerland. Undergraduate students have helped design an environmental studies humanities course, translated contemporary Mexican writers, and participated in other projects with support from Mary Gates Scholarships and College of Arts and Sciences funding.

Recent Research