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Comparative Literature, Cinema & Media is about exploring connections — connections among various literary, visual, and cultural traditions in a global world; connections between past and present; and connections across different academic disciplines and modes of intellectual inquiry. Our department offers the following Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees/Certificates:

Comparative Literature trains students in the critical analysis of texts, seeking to understand how the rhetorical and aesthetic features of those texts—whether literary, visual, or theoretical—negotiate and shape social values, attitudes, and beliefs. International in scope and interdisciplinary in orientation, our field emphasizes intellectual breadth and fosters intellectual initiative by maximizing students’ opportunities to design their own courses of study.

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Program Contacts

Graduate Studies

Stephen Groening, Director of Graduate Studies
Yuko Mera, Graduate Program Advisor (GPA)
Cinema and Media Studies Certificate Program 

Undergraduate Studies

Jennifer Bean, Director of Undergraduate Studies
English/C LIT Undergraduate Advising, A-2-B Padelford