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University of Washington Cinema & Media Studies Graduate Conference May 4, 2024 Keynote Speaker: Weihong Bao, UC Berkeley Call for Proposals Throughout history, our encounters with cinema and media have unfolded within complex scenarios and environments. Corporeal, embodied interactions with technological devices like 3D glasses, VR equipment, and headphones shape many viewing experiences. Behind-the-scenes labor performed by mobile projectionists, translators, and censorship officers… Read more
Professor Diana Flores Ruíz was recently featured in "Ways of Knowing", an eight-episode podcast connecting humanities research with current events and issues.  This season's series features faculty from the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Washington.  Flores Ruiz was interviewed for Episode 6: Visual Literacy where she discusses how the same images… Read more
Kenneth Zacher (Ken or Kenneth preferred) Junior, just transferred from North Seattle last quarter Favorite Movie: Climax (2019) by Gaspar Noe How did you know you wanted to major in CMS? I first found out about CMS while I was working on my transfer degree at North Seattle. I'd been kinda skeptical about really looking into film as a career path because I was always worrying about the money back then. Anyone can be a creator these days, you know? And as a filmmaker,… Read more
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Alumna Kenna Fojas (BA, CMS) wrote about her experience directing her first short film, "Peach Fuzz", and how it ignited her passion for filmmaking as a conduit for self-discovery in an article published in the November issue of Lifestyle Asia. An excerpt of article is available on the Lifestyle Asia site. 
Join LUX Film Production Club for a talk with Emmy and DGA winning writer and director Richard Shepard on Wednesday, October 25, 4:30-6:00pm in PAA A110. He will be speaking about his experiences and career in film and television.  The talk is followed by a screening of Richard Shepard's new film "Film Geek" at Majestic Bay. 
Department of Cinema and Media Studies will be hosting our annual fall pizza and bowling party, THE BIG SOCIAL, on Friday, October 27th from 3:30 to 5:00pm in the HUB Bowling Alley.  Free bowling, pizza, and drinks!  No prior knowledge or experience of bowling is necessary.  Come meet CMS professors and fellow students. All CMS students are welcome! 
“Ways of Knowing” is an eight-episode podcast connecting humanities research with current events and issues. This season features faculty from across the humanities as they explore race, immigration, history, the natural world – even comic books. Each episode analyzes a work, or an idea, and provides additional resources for learning more.  Featured on UW News 
An empty wallet, a hairbrush, a diaper. These are just a few of the items left behind by migrants at the United States-Mexico border, photographed for a 2021 article in the Los Angeles Times. In this episode, Assistant Professor of Cinema and Media Studies Diana Ruíz discusses how the same images can be used on both sides of the same debate. In this case, pro- and anti-immigration.… Read more
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The four new graduates honored as College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Medalists for 2023 are all working to improve our world, in different ways.  Continue reading on UW College of Arts & Sciences News