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Undergraduate Studies

Jennifer Bean, Director of Undergraduate Studies
English/CMS Undergraduate Advising, A-2-B Padelford

For information on the undergraduate programs, contact the Undergraduate Advising Center for Comparative Literature, Cinema Studies, Creative Writing, and English:

Due to the College of Arts and Sciences’ restructure of Humanities advising, for a short time, English, Comparative Literature, and Cinema Media Studies advising is reduced to one advisor.

* * * 

I will not have in-office meetings available until the 30th of March during the UW's suspension of classes due to the COVID 19 illness.  If you have any questions at all,  please e-mail me at

If e-mail is not sufficient,  and so often it is not, you can schedule an appointment with me at,  if you would like to talk. My direct line number is 206-543-3976.  We can also set up a Zoom appointment, if you would prefer. When you make an appointment, let me know  in the notes section  how you would like to connect.

For the latest information regarding the UW’s response to coronavirus COVID-19, visit:

In an honest attempt to be able to serve you all, we will move from an all drop-in system to a predominantly scheduled system with limited drop-in hours.

You can find the link to the scheduling system at

Please see below for the current schedule.

We are still available via email as well at

Drop-Ins are for questions that can be answered within 10 minutes

Scheduled Appointments are for academic planning (esp. double majors), career and internship planning, graduation applications, in-depth conversations about graduate school, masters in teaching endorsement evaluations, and study abroad.


 Mon-Thurs: 11:30-1:00 Drop-in and Appointments 10-11:30 and 1:30-4:00 

Fridays: Drop-in 12-1 and Appointments 1:30-4

We are located in A-2-B Padelford Hall, in the A wing on the Plaza Level (PL). Click here for directions to our offices.

If you enter Padelford Hall from Stevens Way, enter the A-wing of Padelford  (the southern end, closest to Hall Health and the HUB), and you'll find us  by proceeding two floors down below Floor 1 to the Plaza Level (PL). Turn right,  and you'll see the entrance to our offices.

If you enter Padelford Hall from the N-18, N-20, or N-21 parking garage areas behind the building, proceed up the stairs or escalators* to  either the Lower Level (LL) or Floor 1, turn to the left (you'll be entering the B Wing), and continue walking south until you enter the A Wing (you'll notice that office numbers begin with A- at this point). Continue down the hall to the final set of stairs/elevators in the A Wing. Take those stairs or elevator down to the Plaza Level (PL)  and turn to your right into the entrances to our offices. (It's not possible to walk from the B wing to the A wing on the Plaza Level.)

Graduate Studies

Stephen Groening, Director of Graduate Studies
Yuko Mera, Graduate Program Advisor (GPA)