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Undergraduate Studies

Eric Ames, Director of Undergraduate Studies
English/CLCM Undergraduate Advising, A-2-B Padelford

For information on the undergraduate programs, contact the Undergraduate Advising Center for Comparative Literature, Cinema Studies, Creative Writing, and English:

A-2-B Padelford
Box 354330   University of Washington   
Seattle WA 98195-4330
phone: (206)-543-2634 fax: (206) 616-9318

If you enter Padelford Hall from Stevens Way, enter the A-wing of Padelford  (the southern end, closest to Hall Health and the HUB), and you'll find us  by proceeding two floors down below Floor 1 to the Plaza Level (PL). Turn right,  and you'll see the entrance to our offices.

If you enter Padelford Hall from the N-18, N-20, or N-21 parking garage areas behind the building, proceed up the stairs or escalators* to  either the Lower Level (LL) or Floor 1, turn to the left (you'll be entering the B Wing), and continue walking south until you enter the A Wing (you'll notice that office numbers begin with A- at this point). Continue down the hall to the final set of stairs/elevators in the A Wing. Take those stairs or elevator down to the Plaza Level (PL)  and turn to your right into the entrances to our offices. (It's not possible to walk from the B wing to the A wing on the Plaza Level.)

Graduate Studies

Stephen Groening, Director of Graduate Studies
Yuko Mera, Graduate Program Advisor (GPA)