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Undergraduate Programs

Why Major?

Our degree programs prepare students for a challenging new world marked by media saturation and new demands on visual and textual literacy. Our majors gain the ability to communicate clearly, succinctly, and persuasively.

Students will learn how to critically engage texts of all sorts – novels, poems, films, television shows, video games, documentary – in a comparative manner and in a global context. Our interdisciplinary approach to the literary, visual, and cultural traditions explores connections across time, space, culture, religion, and different aesthetic modes.

Our department offers two majors:  Cinema and Media Studies and Comparative Literature.  


A  minor is available in Comparative Literature.

Students meeting several prequisites may be invited to join the departmental Honors Program.

Students can pursue internship opportunities for a maximum of five elective credits towards the major requirements (C LIT 491, 1-5 CR). Internship resources are also available here.