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Apply to the Graduate Program

Students interested in applying for Autumn 2022, please read the following

message from our Director of Graduate Studies!

Application materials are due January 5 (for all applicants, both international and US). Offers of admission are usually made by mid March.

Our graduate program application is entirely online. The application and directions for submission are available at the following Graduate School website:

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be asked to submit the following materials online:

  1. Online Graduate School Application for Admission with application fee.
  2. Statement of Purpose:
    • MA applicants: 1-2 pages describing academic background, reasons for attending graduate school, and potential research interests.
    • PhD applicants: 2-3 pages describing academic background, research interests, and the potential fit of CMS at University of Washington.
  3. Three letters of recommendation referring to competence in projected fields of study, writing ability, potential to excel in graduate study, and teaching ability (our graduate students are funded through teaching assistant positions). 
  4. Critical writing sample in English:
    • MA applicants should submit a 10-15 page sample.
    • PhD appliants should submit a 15-20 page sample.
  5. Language Questionnaire (PDF)
  6. TAship Fellowship Questionnaire (PDF)
  7. Unofficial University Transcripts.
  8. Test Scores:
    • International applicants: TOEFLiBT or IELTS scores. Applicants should ask Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send official TOEFLiBT scores to the University of Washington, institution code 4854. If you are interested in a Teaching Assistantship, spoken English proficiency MUST be met with a score of at least  26 on the speaking portion of TOEFLiBT or at least 7.0 on the speaking section of the IELTS.  
    • GRE scores are optional.  If applicants choose, they may ask Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send official scores to the University of Washington, institution code 4854.

For further information please contact:

Department of Cinema & Media Studies, Box 354338 University of Washington Seattle, WA 98195-4338

Telephone: (206) 543-7542 Fax: (206) 685-2017 email: