Cinema and Media Studies Electives Options


If you register for one of these approved courses, and after registering you refresh your DARs to find that the course is not showing up in your Cinema major, please contact advising so they can manually add the course to your record.

Please note: These courses are a selection of cinema courses across campus, but your elective options are not limited to this list.

AIS 360: American Indians in Cinema
AIS 442: Cinema Images of Natives
AIS 443: Indigenous Films/Sovereign Visions
AIS 466: Producing the Documentary Short
AIS 475: Survey of Indigenous Media, or, Native Voice Documentary Seminar, or Aboriginal Filmmaking in the US and Canada
ART H 309: (when topic is cinema) e.g. Topics in Art History: Survey of Japanese Film (WIN 02 only)
ART H 430: (when topic is cinema) e.g. Chinese Cinema
ASIAN 207: (when topic is cinema) e.g. Special Topics: Anime and Animation
ASIAN 498: (when topic is cinema) e.g. Special Topics: Trauma, Memory, Identity, and the City in Korean Cinema (WIN08)
BCS 420: Literature, Film & Culture of the Former Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Successor States
BIS 418: Masculinity, Homoeroticism and Queer Theory in American Culture (Bothell campus)
BISCLA 349: Hollywood Cinema and Genre (Bothell campus)
BISCLA 360: Literature, Film and Consumer Culture (Bothell campus)
BIS 347: History of American Documentary Films (Bothell  campus)
BIS 464: Topics in Advanced Cinema Studies (Bothell campus)
BLS 462: The Culture of the Cold War (Bothell campus)
CLAS 432: Classical Mythology in Film
C LIT 350: Themes in World Literature & Film: Parents and Children* *When title includes “& Film”
C LIT 351: Themes in World Literature & Film: Love, Sex, and Murder*   *When title includes “& Film”
C LIT 352: Themes in World Literature & Film: Death and Transfiguration*  *When title includes “& Film”
C LIT 357: Literature and Film
C LIT 371: Literature and the Visual Arts
CMS 297: Special topics in Cinema and Media Studies
CMS 301-303; 310-313: any additional courses from the cinema core (beyond the 3 required)
CMS 320: any additional course(s) beyond the national cinema course requirement
CMS 370: Beginning Screenwriting
CMS 397: Special Topics in Cinema Studies
CMS 470: Advanced Screenwriting
CMS 491: Internship
CMS 497: Special Topics in Cinema Studies
CMS 443: East European Cinema
CMU 430: Canadian Documentary Film Traditions
COM 495: (when topic is cinema) e.g.Special Topics: Asian American Film
CSE 456, 458, 459, 460: Animation courses
Drama 201: Play Analysis
Drama 251: Acting
Drama 252: Acting II
Drama 303: Structure of Drama
Drama 406: Cinema Production Workshop
Drama 407: Documentary in Performance
Drama 441: Playwriting I
Drama 460: Directing I (requires completion of Drama 201, 251, 252 and permission of instructor for non-drama majors)
Drama 461: Directing II (requires completion of Directing I)
DXARTS 200: Digital Art and New Media)
DXARTS 450-452: Digital Video
DXARTS 460-462: Digital Sound
DXARTS 470-472: Mechatronics
DXARTS 490: Special Topics in Digital Arts and Experimental Media
DXARTS 495: DXARTS Production Studio
ENGL 345: Studies in Film
ENGL 487: Screenwriting
GERMAN 355: German Literature and Film in English
GERMAN 370: History of German Cinema
GERMAN 371: Special Topics: German Cinema
GWSS 442: (always jointly offered with AIS 442) Images of Natives in the Cinema and Popular Culture
HIST 369:  The Jewish 20th Century in Film
HIST 470:  The Jewish 20th Century in Film (course number changed to HIST 369 SP03)
HSTAA 365: History of the American Film
ITAL 366, 466: Italian Society in Film and Literature
JAPAN 325: Introduction to Japanese Film
JAPAN 360: (when topic is cinema) Topics in Japanese Culture: Japanese Cinema (WIN08)
JAPAN 361: Topics in Japanese Film
JSIS A 413: (when topic is cinema) African Studies Seminar
JSIS C 369: The Jewish 20th Centruy Film
MUSIC 325: Music in Cinema
PHIL 449: Philosophy of Film
SCAND 360: Scandinavian Cinema
SCAND 490: (when topic is cinema) Special Topics
SLAV 423: East European Film
SPAN 332: Chicano Film and Narrative
SPAN 333: Hispanic Film Studies
SPAN 334: Latin American Film
SPAN 487: Mexican Cinema
T FILM 348: Film and Human Values (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 350: Screenwriting  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 386: Silent Cinema  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 420: Contemporary World Cinema  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 440: Writing Film Criticism  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 474: Russian History and the Soviet Film  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 481: Film Theory and Aesthetics  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 483: Film Directors  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 484: French Cinema (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 485: Media Genres (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 486: Feminist Perspectives in Film and Literature (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 488: Gender and Sexuality in Film (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 499: Special Topics in Film Studies (Tacoma campus)
T HISP 376: Latin American Film (Tacoma campus)
UKR 420: Literature, Film and Culture of Ukraine