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Cinema and Media Studies Electives Options


(Please note: These courses are a selection of cinema courses across campus, but your elective options are not limited to this list.)

AIS 360: American Indians in Cinema
AIS 442: Cinema Images of Natives
AIS 443: Indigenous Films/Sovereign Visions
AIS 466: Producing the Documentary Short
AIS 475: Survey of Indigenous Media, or, Native Voice Documentary Seminar, or Aboriginal Filmmaking in the US and Canada
ART H 309: (when topic is cinema) e.g. Topics in Art History: Survey of Japanese Film (WIN 02 only)
ART H 430: (when topic is cinema) e.g. Chinese Cinema
ASIAN 207: (when topic is cinema) e.g. Special Topics: Anime and Animation
ASIAN 498: (when topic is cinema) e.g. Special Topics: Trauma, Memory, Identity, and the City in Korean Cinema (WIN08)
BCS 420: Literature, Film & Culture of the Former Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Successor States
BIS 418: Masculinity, Homoeroticism and Queer Theory in American Culture (Bothell campus)
BISCLA 349: Hollywood Cinema and Genre (Bothell campus)
BISCLA 360: Literature, Film and Consumer Culture (Bothell campus)
BIS 347: History of American Documentary Films (Bothell  campus)
BIS 464: Topics in Advanced Cinema Studies (Bothell campus)
BLS 462: The Culture of the Cold War (Bothell campus)
CLAS 432: Classical Mythology in Film
C LIT 350: Themes in World Literature & Film: Parents and Children* *When title includes “& Film”
C LIT 351: Themes in World Literature & Film: Love, Sex, and Murder*   *When title includes “& Film”
C LIT 352: Themes in World Literature & Film: Death and Transfiguration*  *When title includes “& Film”
C LIT 357: Literature and Film
C LIT 371: Literature and the Visual Arts
CMS 297: Special topics in Cinema and Media Studies
CMS 301-303; 310-313: any additional courses from the cinema core (beyond the 3 required)
CMS 320: any additional course(s) beyond the national cinema course requirement
CMS 370: Beginning Screenwriting
CMS 397: Special Topics in Cinema Studies
CMS 470: Advanced Screenwriting
CMS 497: Special Topics in Cinema Studies
CMS 443: East European Cinema
CMU 430: Canadian Documentary Film Traditions
COM 495: (when topic is cinema) e.g.Special Topics: Asian American Film
CSE 456, 458, 459, 460: Animation courses
Drama 201: Play Analysis
Drama 251: Acting
Drama 252: Acting II
Drama 303: Structure of Drama
Drama 406: Cinema Production Workshop
Drama 407: Documentary in Performance
Drama 441: Playwriting I
Drama 460: Directing I (requires completion of Drama 201, 251, 252 and permission of instructor for non-drama majors)
Drama 461: Directing II (requires completion of Directing I)
DXARTS 200: Digital Art and New Media)
DXARTS 450-452: Digital Video
DXARTS 460-462: Digital Sound
DXARTS 470-472: Mechatronics
DXARTS 490: Special Topics in Digital Arts and Experimental Media
DXARTS 495: DXARTS Production Studio
ENGL 345: Studies in Film
ENGL 487: Screenwriting
GERMAN 355: German Literature and Film in English
GERMAN 370: History of German Cinema
GERMAN 371: Special Topics: German Cinema
GWSS 442: (always jointly offered with AIS 442) Images of Natives in the Cinema and Popular Culture
HIST 369:  The Jewish 20th Century in Film
HIST 470:  The Jewish 20th Century in Film (course number changed to HIST 369 SP03)
HSTAA 365: History of the American Film
ITAL 366, 466: Italian Society in Film and Literature
JAPAN 325: Introduction to Japanese Film
JAPAN 360: (when topic is cinema) Topics in Japanese Culture: Japanese Cinema (WIN08)
JAPAN 361: Topics in Japanese Film
JSIS A 413: (when topic is cinema) African Studies Seminar
JSIS C 369: The Jewish 20th Centruy Film
MUSIC 325: Music in Cinema
PHIL 449: Philosophy of Film
SCAND 360: Scandinavian Cinema
SCAND 490: (when topic is cinema) Special Topics
SLAV 423: East European Film
SPAN 332: Chicano Film and Narrative
SPAN 333: Hispanic Film Studies
SPAN 334: Latin American Film
SPAN 487: Mexican Cinema
T FILM 348: Film and Human Values (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 350: Screenwriting  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 386: Silent Cinema  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 420: Contemporary World Cinema  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 440: Writing Film Criticism  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 474: Russian History and the Soviet Film  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 481: Film Theory and Aesthetics  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 483: Film Directors  (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 484: French Cinema (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 485: Media Genres (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 486: Feminist Perspectives in Film and Literature (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 488: Gender and Sexuality in Film (Tacoma campus)
T FILM 499: Special Topics in Film Studies (Tacoma campus)
T HISP 376: Latin American Film (Tacoma campus)
UKR 420: Literature, Film and Culture of Ukraine


Last update: 5/16/2017