ReFocus: The Films of Susanne Bier

Missy Molly, Mimi Nielsen, Mery Shriver-Rice, eds. ReFocus: The Films of Susanne Bier. Edinburgh University Press: 2018. 

The award-winning Danish director Susanne Bier has become increasingly known for her generic innovations and industrial fluidity, moving confidently between cinema and television at a time where the scarcity of women directors has become a subject of major critical and popular attention. Refocus: The Films of Susanne Bier is a dynamic, scholarly engagement with Bier’s work, and a timely consideration of her impressive authorial achievements. Featuring essays from both recognised and up-and-coming scholars in Scandinavian, transnational and feminist film and media studies, this book also includes an original interview with Bier, addressing some of the provocative readings of her films advanced by the volume’s contributors.

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