Nidesh Lawtoo

Assistant professor & PI of ERC project, KU Leuven
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Ph.D., Comparative Literature, 2009

Nidesh Lawtoo received his PhD in Comparative Literature and Critical Theory from the University of Washington and held positions at the University of Lausanne, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Bern, prior to KU Leuven. His areas of specialization include modernism, critical theory, postcolonial literature, film studies and continental philosophy with special focus on theories of mimesis, imitation and simulation. He is the editor of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Contemporary Thought (Bloomsbury, 2012) and the author of The Phantom of the Ego: Modernism and the Mimetic Unconscious (Michigan State UP, 2013), Conrad’s Shadow: Catastrophe, Mimesis, Theory (MSU P, 2016; Adam Gillon Award), and (New) Fascism: Contagion, Community, Myth (MSU P, 2019). He is currently Assistant Professor of Philosophy, adjunct director of the research center MDRN, and Principal Investigator of a 5-year ERC project titled Homo Mimeticus that explores the role mimesis plays in modernist literature, sf films, and critical theory.