Kallie Strode (she/her/hers)

Graduate Student
Woman with dark hair and a pastel oversized tee-shirt.

Contact Information


M.A., Film & Media Studies, Columbia University, School of the Arts, 2018
B.A., English Literature & Film Studies, Dickinson College, 2014


Kallie Strode is a fourth-year Ph.D candidate.  Her research concentrates on the intersection between and among feminisms, design, and the techno-sciences. She is a former Managing Editor of Feminist Media Histories: An International Journal and a novice video essayist.

In 2019, she co-designed an interface that appropriates the 17th-century French text Les Caractères as pedagogical gameplay.  A screenshot of her project will be featured in the French scholarly journal, Le Verger, forthcoming.  

Most recently, she wrote an article for Screen Bodies about why we can't neatly categorize pretty things--and why keep trying, anyway.