New faculty publication: Cinema Beyond Territory: Inflight Entertainment and Atmospheres of Globalization

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Cinema Beyond Territory
Inflight Entertainment and Atmospheres of Globalisation
Stephen Groening

Available Palgrave MacMillan.

In this groundbreaking account of one of cinema's neglected institutions – the inflight film – Stephen Groening explores inflight cinema as the convergence of two essentially modern, globalising technologies: aviation and entertainment.

At once a history of exhibition and an inquiry into changing forms of media and spectatorship, Cinema Beyond Territory opens up new directions in film history and culture by tracing the development of this transnational cinematic practice – from early experiments in the 1920s to the 'jet age' of the 1960s and contemporary digital on-demand technologies.

Innovative and interdisciplinary, this book challenges the way we think about the relationships between cinema, travel and visuality in the age of globalisation.