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Honors in Comparative Literature

Departmental Honors Program

The Departmental Honors Program is open by invitation to undergraduate students who have earned 15 credits in literature courses with a gpa of at least 3.7, and who maintain an overall gpa of at least 3.3.

Honors students are required to fulfill additional requirements, raising the total number of credits for the degree from 50 to 55:

  • Completion of one Comparative Literature honors seminar (instead of 5 of the required elective literature credits for the major)
  • Completion of an honors thesis (5 credits)
  • Completion of second year in a foreign language
  • One foreign literature course, studied in the original language (3/5 credits).  The minimum foreign language prerequisite to meet this requirement is completion of a second year (or higher) of the foreign language, e.g., German 203 for German 311; French 303 for French 304.  (Prerequisite courses taken to qualify for the 3/5 credit mentioned above do not count toward the 55 credit requirement.)

Interdisciplinary Honors Program

Students may also be interested in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program available to entering Freshmen who applied to Honors at the same time they applied to the University of Washington or to UW Freshmen who maintain a 3.3 GPA in their autumn and winter quarters and apply in the Spring quarter of their first year.  More information is available from their website: