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Seattle Film

Local Film Arts Organizations

Film Club at the University of Washington
Dedicated to the promotion, appreciation, and production of cinema. The Film Club sponsors many projects and events, including screenings of films, discussions, filmmaking contests, and festivals. Below is our list of upcoming events.

The Warren Report
Warren Etheredge’s site offers screenings of major releases, indie flicks, documentaries, shorts and locally produced films, plus screenplay readings and movie discussions with filmmakers, film classes and film commentary.

The Film School

Seattle Film Institute

Mayor’s Office of Film and Music

Artist Trust

The Northwest Film Forum
The Northwest Film Forum is a Seattle-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supporting year-round programs of artistic film.

Women in Film – Seattle
A professional non-profit organization supporting and advancing the work and opportunities for women in film, video, television, and new media.


Public Domain Project
The Public Domain Project makes 10,000 film clips, 64,000 images & 100s of audio files free to use.