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Reader / Grader description and policy

Reader/Graders are classified as Academic Student Employees (ASEs) covered by the UAW/UW collective bargaining agreement. Reader/Graders provide diverse services as course assistants, which will normally include grading student papers and examinations. Reader/Grader duties may also include: attendance at lectures, office hours, consultation with instructors, and other duties as assigned. Reader/Graders may not perform teaching duties. Additional hiring criteria may be determined by the individual instructor supervisor and will be posted during the hiring process.

Instructors may request a reader/grader from the department if they are teaching an undergraduate level CMS class without a TA, provided that enrollment in the class exceeds 50 and dependent upon department funding.  Reader/graders who assist with CMS courses will be hired by the instructor supervisor. At the time of hiring each quarter, appointed reader/graders will receive an appointment letter from the Department consistent with Article 4 of the UAW/UW collective bargaining agreement.

Effective January 1st, 2019, reader/graders in CMS will be paid from the departmental allocation at the rate of $17-25 per hour. As per Article 32 of the collective bargaining agreement, reader/graders will not be required to work more hours than specified in their appointment letters, or work any hours for which they are not paid. **International students, please see additional information at the bottom of this page.

Reader/graders in CMS are paid on an hourly rate basis. ASEs will submit hours via Workday, which the instructor will approve. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure assignment and completion of work for the project period, or to notify the Administrator if the hired reader/grader was not available for work (should not to be paid) after being appointed.

**International students with a TA/RA/SA/Instructor or any other 50% or 20 hour per week appointment cannot, at the same time, have an appointment as a reader/grader without additional authorization from the International Students and Scholars office, for additional information please consult the ISS office. Phone: 206-221-7857.  Website: