Runjie Wang

Graduate Student
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M.A., Humanities, University of Chicago, 2020
B.J., Print and Digital News, University of Missouri, 2019

Runjie Wang is a PhD student whose research focuses on a constellation of media objects that institutionalize knowledge and evidence while interfacing with the forces of production, technology, and cultural technique. He is currently researching scientific, industrial, and utility films from 1960s, 70s, and 80s China, with broader interests in the epistemology of media, the history of non-theatrical cinema, and forensic media.

He's the recipient of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Nontheatrical Student Essay Award 2024, and his writings will appear in Asian Cinema (Intellect), among others. At UW, he convened the "Mediating Experiences, Experiencing Mediation" CMS Grad Conference.