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Gaurav Pai

Graduate Student

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PDL B 205


M.A., International Studies at University of Washington

I was born in Goa, India; I'm currently writing my doctoral dissertation on small gauge filmmaking in Mexico during the 20th century. I explore the origins of amateur formats, tracing their history and coexistence alongside the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema until 1960. I argue and demonstrate that small gauge film brought in newer cinematic cultures in Mexico as against mainstream, commercial movies - that were dominant in this period. I make my arguments in the background of the transfer of small gauge technologies between the U.S. and Mexico, both in terms of machines and ideas.

I study and teach the history of media technologies, documentary, non theatrical film and of course, Latin American Cinema. I have published my academic work in Spectator, Alphaville, amongst other places. I am passionate about the visual cultures of science, technology, and medicine; I graduated as a family physician from Seth G.S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital in Mumbai, India. Before starting graduate school in Seattle, I was a stocks, bonds, and currency markets journalist at The Economic Times in Mumbai.

This summer 2021, I am teaching a course called "Cinema as Technology." I'm excited.

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