Alumni Spotlight: Lo Brown

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Lo Brown
Major: Cinema and Media Studies (previously Comparative Literature) & Drama Class of 2007
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma 
Favorite films: Nights Of Cabiria, The Conformist 

Current occupation and past experiences: Lo is currently a Producer at Daylighter Films where she works on developing stories from concept to production. In the past, she has worked at Netflix and multiple Creative Agencies. Lo took part in the production process of TV shows such as Daybreak and Locke & Key and has also worked with Sundance on Four Sheets to the Wind. 

How did you know you wanted to be involved in the film industry?
A: I knew very early on that I wanted to be creative. I was very active in theater growing up, but I always wanted to be artistic and hold the pen in my own creative process rather than being the pen. To be honest, I have tried leaving the industry and venturing down different paths, but there’s just something that brings me back to the film industry.  

How has being in CMS affected your development in filmmaking? 
A: I loved learning about foreign films and the international market, which gave me a broad yet different point of view on filmmaking and the industry. After I got into the actual film industry and Hollywood, however, I had to learn a lot of things on my own. The relationships I have cultivated at the institution have also led to many amazing opportunities. 

What were some things you had to learn on your own? 
A: After involving myself in the film industry, I had to research everything about the studio system and become aware of what has a sustainable return in order to survive. I had to learn how to discern who you can trust, which is crucial and universally applicable to every career field. But especially within the film industry, you have to find and recognize people who align with your views and are sustainable to work with. It is also very important to understand what type of project resonates with people and to put more emphasis on the audience instead of yourself. I had to discover my own edge and uniqueness to see what made me stand out amongst other aspiring filmmakers and constantly look out for change within the industry and adapt to those changes. As a filmmaker, you have to learn so many lessons along the way, apply them to the moviemaking process, and then just let go and have your movie build its own life. 

What are your focuses and how do you think the film industry will change?
A: I love working with writers and getting in the weeds with storytelling because I believe those are the main aspects that draw audiences. Daylighter has been working on some VR content as well. But my main focus is to tell interesting stories with compelling characters and themes. With the film industry moving towards technology and streaming, I believe the future of moviemaking and movie-watching will hold many possibilities. I find this process very invigorating but also scary. I think we need to focus on how producing stories for streaming platforms will push the industry forward. For instance, recent big-budget movies did not do the best at the box office because they focused on having a star-studded cast rather than an outstanding story. Furthermore, I think going to the theater will become less popular as more people have started to watch films on streaming services. However, we must keep the collective experience with cinema. So, I believe that big technology companies such as Apple will have significant leverage on media consumption because they specialize in creating accessible and affordable products that will allow people to watch a show or film. I’m not sure if VR products will become more prominent in the future, but if we can produce an affordable device that everyone can buy, then we will be able to have an immersive shared theater experience at home using streaming services. Overall, I think the future of the film industry will rely on great storytelling, and Hollywood must consider the new market generation as well as the rapid growth of streaming media. 

What are your current projects? How are they going?
A: We released ECCO in May of 2022, a sci-fi film now available on streaming services. The director, Ben Medina, is a very talented filmmaker and ECCO itself is a technically beautiful film. The process was honestly very difficult; I was very late on board but it’s a miracle every time someone makes a film and releases it, so I am proud of it. Currently, Daylighter is working on a sci-fi TV series, a sci-fi feature, and some VR stuff that I’m very excited about. 

Advice for new majors or students who want to be a part of the film industry? 
A: It won’t be easy, so you have to be passionate and have courage. Jump on a show, be a Production Assistant, and intern on something to know whether or not this is a career you would like to pursue. If you can, go to California, London, or New York, and get as many internships as you can while in school. Don’t hesitate to work for free because employers need to get to know you first before actually hiring you. Being part of the film industry requires diligence, but if it is something you know you want to do, then you just need to put yourself out there and work hard. 

Check out Lo’s projects and social media:
Lo Brown // all social media handles: @lobrouun
Daylighter Films Instagram: @daylighterfilms
ECCO // all social media handles: @eccomovie