Student Spotlight: Mick Stanovsek

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Major: Cinema & Media Studies

Class of 2020
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio (City of Champions)
Favorite Film: Lost in Translation

Student Athlete for UW Track and Field and Cross-Country Team

When did you know that you wanted to major in CMS?

I transferred from University of Oregon for my last two years. At Oregon, I studied advertising and product design. When I enrolled here, I had to find a new focus of study as UW had neither of those. To my delight, I found a home with CMS, a new area where I could express my creativity and engage in interesting discourse.

What do you like most about the program?

The professors. I appreciate all the time I have gotten to spend with professors who push me to be a better writer and a critical thinker. All of them have given me one-on-one time. Also, my academic advisor, Nancy Sisko, deserves a hearty shout out as she put in some big work with me when I transferred. 

How do you balance the work between CMS and UW Track and Field and Cross Country?

Time management is key. Over the years I’ve learned how not leave a minute of the day unused. Though some may say there truly is no such thing as multitasking, over the course of 70 or 80 miles of training in a week, I have learned to shape theses, digest films and readings, and make some outlines – all while running on the trails.

What other activities are you involved with?

I’ve enjoyed the outdoors since I was a kid and have been climbing for a few years now. There is a special 2 weeks in the summer when there is a break in my training which has given me some time to get out into the mountains which is meditative and always enjoyable. Aside from that, I am passionate about music and go to as many shows as I can (really hoping to see The National this year). I am also a big-time fan of The West Wing, the greatest political TV-drama of all time, and I would be willing to write an argumentative paper on that for anyone who disagrees.

Any plans for after graduation?

This winter term will be my last term as an undergrad. And since I have eligibility for track left this spring, I’ll be spending studying for the LSAT and running. After that I would love to try and continue running track on an international level. 

Advice for new CMS majors?

Do the readings. And reach out to your professors and classmates!