Student Spotlight: Greg Arietta

Submitted by Yuko Mera on

Double Major: Cinema & Media Studies and Business Finance, Class of 2019
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Leadership Role: Co-President UW Film Club
Favorite Film of All Time: Back to the Future

Why did you major in CMS?
I majored in CMS, very simply, because I love film. I was a Foster student first, but when CMS became a major, I couldn’t resist. I hope one day to combine my interests in cinema and finance and take up a role financing films.

What do you like most about the program?
The teachers. It may sound like I’m brown nosing, but they’re all tremendous sources of knowledge. I also appreciate the unique skill set that the CMS program has to offer and how it supplements what I learned at Foster. Critical thinking, writing, creativity -- the CMS major has helped me improve in these areas which are important.

Any advice for prospective majors?
Do it. If you have any hesitation, just double major. You only go to college once.

Tell us a little bit about your involvement with UW Film Club?
I’ve been running Film Club for the last four years. During that time, the club has made some really positive new additions. We still program a film every week, but now we also have short presentations giving background information on the films; we started a podcast where members can discuss a film of their choosing; and we turned our website into an accredited press outlet that writes reviews and features. This month, for example, I’m covering the Seattle International Film Festival as press. We’ve also strengthened our relationships with film institutions around Seattle, like the Northwest Film Forum, SIFF, and Allied Integrated Market. All these developments are carrying the club forward and paving the way for new members.

What other activities are you involved with outside of class?
In addition to writing and recording for the Film Club site, I started my own website called Cinema As We Know It with some of my friends where we write about film from various perspectives. There’s a good amount of writing on there already, but after I graduate in June, I’ll be able to devote more time to developing that project.

As my job, I find and sell rare antiques online. It’s really fascinating because you find so many oddities with history behind them. It’s given me plenty of great stories to tell. Plus, when I go to estate sales and flea markets looking for antiques, I always come across movies for one or two dollars, so it also feeds my cinephilia.

Do you have a favorite film of the year?
My favorite film so far is Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart, an absolutely sublime coming-of-age comedy. Honorable mention: For Sama, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, and Under the Silver Lake.

Plans for life after graduation?
Starting this summer I’ll be working as a Financial Planning and Analysis Intern for T-Mobile across the way in Bellevue, but I’ll continue watching films and writing about them on my site.