Student Spotlight: Ben Burr-Kirven 

Submitted by Yuko Mera on

Cinema & Media Studies, Class of 2019
Huskies Football Linebacker
Hometown: Menlo Park, CA
Favorite film of the year: Wind River

Why did you choose CMS as a major? “I’ve loved movies all my life. As a kid, I made lots of movies with my older brother. When I got to UW, I realized that if I was going to commit so much time and effort to a major, then it should be one that I am truly passionate about, and that’s why I chose CMS.”

What do you like most about the CMS program? “The variety of classes and topics. There are so many unique CMS classes offered that I can take whatever speaks to me or looks the most interesting.”

Any advice for prospective CMS majors? “Go for it right away. When I arrived at UW, I knew I was really interested in film, but I didn’t commit to it for the first two years because I thought I should be doing a more traditional major. Once I committed to CMS, though, I was much happier and wished that I’d gotten started sooner.”

CMS and Huskies football – how do you find a balance? “For me, the biggest thing is making sure that when I’m in class my mind is entirely focused on the subject. It’s the same with football. To perform at the highest level in both requires a commitment to achieving my potential.” 

Plans for life after graduation?  “My goal is to play in the NFL. After that, we’ll see.”