Student Spotlight: Megan Bernovich

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CMS & Communication double major
Class of 2018
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
Favorite Film of All Time: Alien
Occupation: Warner Bros & Paramount Studio Rep for Allied Intetgrated Marketing

Why did you choose CMS as a major?  I am a CMS major because I want to improve representation and diversity in media.  Film is a unique filter through which we can view history, culture, and ourselves.

What do you like most about the CMS program?  I like how, in class, issues of culture and topical discussions intersect with various media. Some of the best lessons I have learned about history and contemporary issues have been through the lens of film.

Do you have any advice for prospective majors?  It helps to get involved in class discussions. When you take an active role, you can not only share your own thoughts, but also encourage others. Also challenge yourself topic-wise! Film is so diverse that there is something to discover in every genre and period.

How did you land a job at Warner Bros. & Paramount?  I started as an intern after applying to a notice that I found on the Husky Jobs website. I was assigned to Warner Brothers first as part of their “college ambassador” program. The internship normally lasts one scholastic quarter, but I renewed it a couple times before I became a studio rep for Paramount. Now I’m a rep for both WB and Paramount, and occasionally do work for Disney, A24, and other studios when needed.