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Graduate student Qian Hé presents at UW's China & Inter-area Workshop

Submitted by Yuko Mera on December 6, 2017 - 3:04pm
flyer for UW China and Inter-area workshop

On November 16, current graduate student Qian (Belinda) Hé gave a public talk as part of the UW China & Inter-area Workshop. The presentation, “Curating Counter-revolution: Pidouhui, Image, and the Politics of Exposure in Maoist China,” surveyed the materials and questions related to Hé’s dissertation. Hé asks, Against whom do people struggle? What compels Chinese people to keep exposing (more than to show, to visualize, or to disclose) the “evil” others, to make them viewable and visually knowable as purported enemies governed by a besieging view from the collective body? Revolving around the mass production of hostile views (displays of counterrevolutionaries, spectacle of shame, images of deviance, cinema of scapegoating) in Maoist China, Hé explores a historically recurring, generic scene called pidouhui (struggle sessions) and the cultural work it performed. 

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