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Mimi Nielsen awarded SWEA San Francisco's 2017 scholarship!

Submitted by Yuko Mera on May 23, 2017 - 3:29pm
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We have received news that doctoral student Mimi Nielsen has been awarded SWEA San Francisco's 2017 scholarship!  SWEA (Swedish Women’s Educational Association), a non-profit global organization, dedicated to promoting Swedish culture and traditions in countries outside Sweden awards scholarships to people pursuing academic or professional research or artistic endeavors, with particular relevance to Sweden.  Mimi is currently working on her dissertation project: “Playing the Edge: The Work of Affect in Emilie Flygare-Carlén’s Authorship and Reception,” which focuses on the writing and contemporary reception of Sweden’s most popular and most exported mid-19th-century author. 

A brief description from Mimi on her dissertation project:

Texts are significantly valued through their readers’ experiences of them, as well as the meaning assigned to said experience. My interest in Flygare-Carlén’s reception took form as I noticed the extent to which her contemporary reviewers referenced or alluded to their felt reading experiences. It was evident that these experiences were key to their subsequent judgments. Considering the reviewers’ affective experience in reading two of Flygare-Carlén’s novels, Rosen på Tistelön (1842), the novel that catapulted her into international fame, and Ett rykte (1850), the infamous novel that nearly ended her career, inevitably brings me back to the novels themselves. My dissertation therefore has a two-part structure, as I first consider the contemporary reviews and then correlate these to the ways that Flygare-Carlén utilizes affect in these two novels, and to what effect.

Congratulations Mimi! 

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