Welcome to our new grad students!

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A warm welcome to the following 7 new graduate students to the Comparative Literature Department! 

Bradley W. Gerhardt, B.A. Comp Lit, BYU.   Bradley is interested in early 20th C European fiction, Caribbean fiction, and film.

Paul W. Morton, B.A. English, Columbia U; M.A. Film Studies, U of Iowa.  Paul is interested in cinema, as well as comics/graphic literature, of the former Yugoslavia.

Ruth ‘Mimi’ Nielsen,  B.A. English Lit, Mills College; M.A. English & American Lit, Mills College.  Mimi is interested in 18th and 19th C Swedish and British literature. 

Alan-Michael Weatherford, B.A. French and Spanish, Christopher Newport University.  Alan-Michael is interested in Caribbean literature.

Mirjana Martinovic, B.A. Russian and European Studies, UW.  Mirjana is interested in Eastern European and Latin American literature.

Treza Rosado, B.A. English/African Studies, Saint Catherine University.  Treza is interested in U.S. literature and film.

Sarah Ross, B.A. English Lit., Mount Holyoke; M.A. Italian and Cinema, Middlebury.  Sarah is interested in Italian literature and film and ecology.