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Alexander Schlutz (Ph.D. 2003) Wins Book Award

Submitted by Arts & Sciences Web Team on October 31, 2010 - 12:00am

Alexander Schlutz (Ph.D. 2003) won the International Conference on Romanticism’s Jean-Pierre Barricelli prize for best book published in Romanticism studies in 2009 for Mind’s World. Imagination and Subjectivity from Descartes to Romanticism, published by the University of Washington Press. An interdisciplinary study that reaches from Descartes to the aesthetic and philosophical systems of the Romantic period, Mind’s World demonstrates that modern, rational subjectivity is simultaneously dependent upon, and constructed in opposition to imagination and that the resulting ambivalence about the mental faculty is one of the fundamental conditions of modern models of subjectivity. For more information see the Mind’s World book page at

Alexander Schlutz is now associate professor of English at John Jay College, CUNY.

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