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Fabrizio Cilento (Ph.D. 2010) Assumes Assistant Professor Position at Messiah College

Submitted by Arts & Sciences Web Team on September 1, 2010 - 12:00am

Congratulations to Fabrizio Cilento (Ph.D. 2010) one of our newest Ph.D. graduates! His dissertation project titled: “An Investigative Cinema: Politics and Modernization in Italian, French and American Cinema” traces for the first time the development of “investigative cinema.” Characterized by a questioning of the truth proposed by the media and institutions through a reconstruction of real events, “investigative cinema” stylistically blends a documentary approach with the fictional self-reflexive style typical of high modernism. Situating 1960s and 1970s cinema in relationship to the economic and geopolitical changes brought on by massive modernization allows for a retrospective tracing of the emergence of some pressing concerns in contemporary critical theory: the urban and national spaces, post-colonialism, and the validity of the image.

Fabrizio is now an Assistant Professor of Communication at Messiah College where he will teach the following courses:
Digital Poetics
Intro to Film
Film Theory
Contemporary Latin American Cinema
A Small, Good Thing: Perspectives on the Short Story

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