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CMS 570 A: Media Lab

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W 2:30pm - 6:20pm
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Yomi Braester

Syllabus Description:

Collage – Montage - Assemblage

How have collage, and its cognate forms montage and assemblage, come to define film and new media? What are the theoretical underpinnings, production practices, and discourses of reception related to collage? How has collage changed in time, from Picasso’s collage, to Eisenstein’s montage, to Rauschenberg’s assemblage, and to Manovich’s definition of new media as non-temporal collage? What is the role of found objects and footage in film, new media, and social media? The course explores these questions from a cross-cultural, 21st-century perspective.

This is a graduate course. In addition to responses to weekly readings and films, students are expected to produce a research essay, in written or video format.

Catalog Description: 
Practical approaches to cinema and media studies. May include archival research, production of videographic or audiographic criticism, film programming, public scholarship, or hands-on work with media devices and technologies. Offered: AWSp.
Department Requirements Met: 
Pre-req to Declare Literature Major
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