Stephen Groening, The Seattle Television History Project (online history project)

The mission of the Seattle Television History Project is to help preserve the history of television in Seattle and to serve as a site of original scholarship on the history of television. A broad and deep local history of television must include the institutional aspects of television: the history and mission of local television stations and the myriad regulatory structures under which they operate. Likewise, the people of television — on-air talent, camera operators, producers, editors, and interns — all contribute to television culture and history. Moreover, television history is not limited to only the official outlets of television content; it extends to the various extra-televisual cultural outlets such as writing on television appearing in local newspapers, television clubs and viewing parties, and consumer electronics stores. Additionally, because television is usually a private domestic technology, the encounter between public and text is too often cloistered in the individual memories of everyday people, and the stories of television viewers have yet to be told. Giving voice to specific viewer experiences is a crucial contribution to the history of media, cultural history, and social history.

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