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The Birth of Italics

Randall McLeod (University of Toronto)
McLeod flyer
Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 5:30pm
Allen Auditorium

Randall McLeod, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, has published numerous groundbreaking essays on un-editing canonical English writers, such as Shakespeare, Herbert, Donne, Arisoto, Holinshed, Hopkins and Shaw.  He has edited the collection _Crisis in Editing: Texts of the English Renaissance_ (1994), which includes his own work, and is now working largely in early continental printing.  Among his numerous awards (which include a Guggenheim Fellowship) are the distinguished Rosenbach Lectures he gave at the University of Pennsylvania in 1999.  His essay "Gerard Hopkins and the Shapes of his Sonnets" published in _Voice, Text and Hypertext: Emerging Practices in Textual Studies_ (the volume of essays published by the University of Washington Press in 2004) won the Fredson Bowers Award for best essay in Textual Studies by the Society of Textual Scholarship.  McLeod, who writes under various pseudonyms, is also the inventor of the McLeod Portable Collator, a high-speed device for optical comparison of copies of the same edition to disclose stop-press variation. 

McLeod Flyer (PDF)


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