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The Age of New Waves: Art Cinema and the Staging of Globalization (Oxford UP, 2013)

James Tweedie, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature & Cinema Studies

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 4:00pm
Communications Bldg Room 202

Associate Professor James Tweedie discusses his new book.

In The Age of New Waves, James Tweedie presents an alternative vision of global modernity as a series of transnational film movements. The book examines the origins of the concept of the “new wave” in 1950s France and the proliferation of new waves in world cinema over the past three decades, breaking with standard film industry narratives to articulate the key role of youth and cities in the development of new wave cinemas. It is one of the few books in English that explores the concept of mise-en-scène in any detail and uses it as a link between the various cinematic new waves.

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