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CMS 572 A: Historiography

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Th 2:30pm - 6:20pm
SAV 169
M Ahern
Mal Ahern

Syllabus Description:

"Fossilized" Nokia push-button cell phone suspended in clay. Artwork by ceramicist Christopher Locke

This course, designed for graduate students in Cinema and Media Studies and related disciplines, introduces a variety of methodological approaches to the history of media technology. We will ask how new media technologies emerge, how these technologies obtain stable cultural meanings, and how media technology structures human communication Readings and discussions will focus on Media Archeology, a set of methods that push against linear and progressivist narratives of media emergence, often by focusing on failed or forgotten technologies. The class will also stage encounters between Media Archeology and other approaches from Film History, Science and Technology Studies, Cultural Studies, and Infrastructure Studies. We will remain especially attentive to the influence of Michel Foucault on all of these methods, and to the distinction between his “archeological” and “genealogical” approaches.

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Assessment of processes through which film and/or media histories are constructed. Incorporates methodologies for retrieving and analyzing primary materials relevant to course subject matter. Content varies. Offered: AWSp.
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