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CMS 303 A: Genre Studies

Meeting Time: 
TTh 3:30pm - 5:20pm
GWN 301
In class
Stephen Groening

Syllabus Description:

What is it about conspiracy theories that are so compelling and beguiling? Why do conspiracy theories continue to persist? What is the relationship between technology and conspiracy theories? Is it paranoia actually a reasonable and sensible attitude in contemporary society? Might it be the only available one? This course seeks to answer these questions by examining tropes of conspiracy and paranoia in U.S. film. The course has a special emphasis on conspiracy films from the 1970s, such as Three Days of the Condor and The Parallax View, but we will also analyze more recent film such as The Truman Show, Falling Down, and Get Out.  


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Catalog Description: 
Introduction to the history and significance of genre in film and/or television. May examine one or a selection of several genres, drawn from a list including, but not limited to, the western, melodrama, musical, thriller, sitcom, film noir, and documentary. Topics include form, ideology, authority, history, innovation, and parody.
Department Requirements Met: 
Cinema & Media Studies Core
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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