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CMS 397 A: Special Topics In Cinema And Media Studies

Summer Term: 
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MTWTh 3:30pm - 5:40pm
MEB 235
Yuta Kaminishi

Syllabus Description:

Japanese New Wave Cinema

This course offers an introduction to Japanese New Wave cinema. Exploring the question, “what was so new about this particular cinema?” we will encounter a wide variety of issues in post-1945 Japanese cinema such as experimentation in new styles of filmmaking, reaction to consumer society, engagement with student activism, collaboration with underground culture, etc. Course materials include feature films by world-renowned directors (Ōshima Nagisa, Yoshida Kijū, and Shinoda Masahiro), avant-garde films (Matsumoto Toshio and Terayama Shūji), and political documentary films (Ogawa Shisuke and Tsuchimoto Noriaki). Our goal is three-fold. First and foremost, we will learn how to analyze the films using academic terms in Cinema and Media studies. Second, we will aim to understand social change in 1960s Japan through appreciating the films. Third, we will situate Japanese New Wave cinema in the global New Wave cinemas. Assignments will include film viewing and readings, and there will be exams on the contents of these assignments.

No Japanese language ability is required (all lectures and readings are in English and the films are in Japanese with English subtitles).

Catalog Description: 
Varying topics relating to film in social contexts. Offered by resident or visiting faculty.
Department Requirements Met: 
Cinema & Media Studies Elective
GE Requirements Met: 
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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