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CMS 321 A: Oppositional Cinema/media

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TTh 3:30pm - 5:20pm
DEN 258

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CMS 321                                                         Contemporary Black Cinema/TV

Please Note: Most films are streamed through Canvas unless they are currently in theatre. To access TV content, students are expected to gain access to Netflix, Amazon Prime and/or Hulu independently. Because of possible copyright infringement, the instructor cannot provide access to these services. The13th_27x40_1Sheet.jpg

We will look at a broad range of contemporary work by black film and TV writers, producers, directors and performers some of whom were born in the US, some of whom were trained in the US and share citizenship elsewhere. What does it mean to an American public who see black faces appear more frequently on large and small screens than ever before, screens where black men are allowed to kiss white women and black men are allowed to kiss each other. We will look at the challenges of black film and TV authorship to interrogate what is at stake in African American cinema and TV? What is the visceral, gut-level function of visuality in the African American community? Can we speak of a distinctive practice given the diverse experiences and variable conditions, which affect African American lives? What do TV and computer screens mean for people whose sense of home has been dislocated by migrations and fraught with attacks on their citizen ship and humanity, largely through visual representation?

Together through film and television watching and interactive discussion, we will explore our present moment and ask ourselves if/ how/ why black citizenship is still in question in America.

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Approaches film and related media as socially and politically engaged practice, with focus on screen media produced or received in "opposition" to dominant cultural and entertainment industry norms. Topics vary.
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Literature Core
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