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C LIT 599 D: Special Seminar Or Conference

Reading Affect

Meeting Time: 
T 10:30am - 12:20pm
CMU 202
Kathleen Woodward

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This one-credit course is designed as a short introduction to academic literary studies of affect.  It is framed by the question of how we might rethink our practice as scholars of literature to take our scholarship public.  Several recently published books by non-academics—Wendy Lesser’s Why I Read: The Serious Pleasures of Books (2014) and Rebecca Mead’s My Life in Middlemarch (2014)—express the many meanings their authors find in and through reading of literature.  As scholars of literature we should be contributing to the articulation of the value of what we study.  We will meet on five Tuesdays during the Spring Quarter 2014.  Reading and ardent discussion is required, as is a two-page paper on a possible project of public literary scholarship.

Over the past twenty-five years research on the emotions has exploded across virtually every discipline—history, anthropology, neurology, philosophy, art history, and literary and cultural studies.  Recently several strains of this research have been labeled the “affective turn.”  The focus of Reading Affect will be work on affect and the emotions by scholars of literary studies.   It is a vibrant area: at the January 2014 convention of the Modern Language Association, held in Chicago, there were over sixty papers devoted to aspects of affect and the emotions—among them, violent sympathies, terror, nostalgia, narrative empathy, and the feeling of blackness. 

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Group seminars or individual conferences scheduled to meet special needs. Prerequisite: permission of graduate program adviser.
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