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C LIT 240 E: Writing In Comparative Literature

Summer Term: 
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MTWThF 10:50am - 1:00pm
SMI 313
Nobuko Yamasaki

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This course explores themes of native encounters in East Asia. The course is divided into two different sequences. In the first sequence, we will read Endo Shusaku‘s novel__Silence__(1966) that portrays Jesuit missionaries in seventeenth century Japan when Christianity was forbidden and persecuted. In the second sequence, we will examine themes of Japanese colonial literature. We will read twentieth century short stories that depict colonial Korea, Shanghai, and Okinawa, written by both Japanese and their former colonial subjects. We will also analyze a Manchukuo film, played by a multi-lingual actress Li Xianglan / Shirley Yamaguchi. This course also aims to introduce students to a field of post-colonial studies in East Asia under the Japanese Empire. No prior knowledge in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese languages is required. All readings will be in English translation.

Catalog Description: 
Comparative approach to literature and a workshop in writing comparative papers in English. Emphasis on cross-cultural comparison of literary works. Readings in English with an option to read selected texts in the original languages Offered: AWSp.
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English Composition (C)
Writing (W)
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