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C LIT 240 G: Writing In Comparative Literature

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Katherine Morrow

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1930s Hollywood Cinema and International Alternatives This course will focus on film analysis and writing skills, through an examination of 1930s Golden Era of the Hollywood studio system as well as international works from the same decade. Students will be required to attend a screening each week and respond critically to the films. American films may include Shanghai Express (1932), Top Hat (1935), My Man Godfrey (1936), Stagecoach (1939), and The River (1938). Foreign films may include I Was Born, But… (1932), Queen of Sports (1934), Grand Illusion (1937), and Pepe Le Moko (1937). We will think about cinema as a formal system, make comparisons between different films, and consider how the films relate to their historical period. Assignments will include weekly in-class writing, a series of  papers, and peer review editing. Grades will also depend on attentive, lively class participation. Students will improve their writing skills and learn how to organize clear and persuasive arguments about film meaning.

Catalog Description: 
Comparative approach to literature and a workshop in writing comparative papers in English. Emphasis on cross-cultural comparison of literary works. Readings in English with an option to read selected texts in the original languages Offered: AWSp.
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English Composition (C)
Writing (W)
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