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C LIT 397 C: Special Topics In Cinema Studies

Werner Herzog and Documentary Cinema

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Eric Ames
Eric Ames

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This course explores the terrain of documentary cinema through the films of Werner Herzog from 1970 to the present. What defines documentary as both distinct from and related to fiction? How do Herzog and his films relate, historically, to the idea and the practice of documentary filmmaking? Each week we will view and discuss one of Herzog's films (including Fata Morgana, Land of Silence and Darkness, The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner, Lessons of Darkness, Bells from the Deep, Little Dieter Needs to Fly, My Best Fiend, and Grizzly Man) along with one documentary made by another filmmaker (such as Jonathan Caouette, Robert Flaherty, Robert Gardner, Kazuo Hara, Errol Morris, Ulrich Seidl), asking what the various combinations tell us both about Herzog and about documentary cinema more generally. In English.

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Varying topics relating to film in social contexts. Offered by resident or visiting faculty.
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Cinema Studies Elective
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Individuals and Societies (I&S)
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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