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C LIT 302 A: Theory Of Film: Critical Concepts

Third Cinema: A Call to Action

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MTTh 5:30pm - 7:20pm
THO 101

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This quarter we are going to consider the impact of Third Cinema on more contemporary work around the world. Fundamentally, third cinema is that of anti-colonial resistance emerging out of Latin America and Africa in the 1960s. It has had such enormous impact that each time film theorists declare its demise, new questions (which may actually be old questions) arise. We may or may not determine the declared death of Third Cinema premature. As such, ―Third Cinema: a Call to Action‖ begins by contextualizing the works of such anti-colonial filmmakers as Pontecorvo, Solonas, Rouch, Cisse and Sembene to revisit the significance of a Third lens.

We trouble the language and politics of Diaspora, imperfect, hybrid, creolized, transnational cinemas over time and space as these are taken up within the contexts of more contemporary queer, feminist, anti-racist and post-colonial cultural production. We ask what it means to claim inheritance of third cinema practice in contemporary First Nations film as well as that of Latino, African and Asian Diaspora within North America, and the U.K.

Catalog Description: 
Overview of the main conceptual problems in film criticism such as: "What is a film?", "What is the relationship between film and reality?", "Does a film have a language?", "What is the connection between image and sound?" Follows a historical timeline within five individual sections.
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Cinema Studies Core
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
Writing (W)
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