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C LIT 596 B: Special Studies In Comparative Literature

Histories of Cinema in the Age of New Media

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TTh 3:00pm - 5:50pm
MGH 278
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Yomi Braester

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How has the history of film been rewritten in the past twenty years, especially through the cinematic medium itself? To what extent are these new histories the result of new technology ? shooting in Digital Video, editing on computers distribution on VHS/VCD/DVD and P2P, and critical reception through online reviews and the blogosphere? To what extent is it because of political and ideological changes ? the advent of globalization, the turn to post-socialism, and the rise of neoliberalism? To inquire into these questions, we will examine closely a number of films directly interested in the history of film, such as Jean-Luc Godard's Histroire(s) du cinéma, Dan Geva's Description of a Memory, Tsai Ming-liang's Goodbye Dragon Inn and the omnibus film To Each His Cinema. The seminar is designed to coach graduate students through the various stages of a research project during the term.

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Offered occasionally by visiting or resident faculty. Course content varies.
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