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C LIT 549 A: Twentieth-Century Literature

Migrations, Borders/Borderlands, Diasporas: Contemporary Literatures and Cultures of Displacement

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TTh 1:30pm - 3:20pm
SMI 111
Monika Kaup

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A broadly comparative course on the effects of displacement and dislocation on culture, identity, and place as depicted in contemporary literature and cultural theory. All displacements are not the same, and we will examine important paradigms featured in critical discussion on the topic: migration (the movement of peoples from one place to another); diaspora (scattered communities displaced over wide distances but held together by myths of the homeland); borderlands borderlands (transnational space centered on a geopolitical line).

Secondary readings by Stuart Hall, James Clifford, Bruce Robbins, Arjun Appadurai, Edward Said, Deleuze, Rosi Braidotti, Paul Gilroy, Doreen Massey, Karen Kaplan, Robin Cohen, William Safran and others.

Primary works (tentative)

Americo Paredes, George Washington Gómez
Francisco Goldman, The Ordinary Seaman;
Francisco Jiménez, The Circuit (1997)
Nicole Brossard, Baroque at Dawn

Catalog Description: 
Selected movements, schools, and trends of significance in twentieth-century literature of Europe and Americas. Symbolism, surrealism, dada, expressionism, neorealism, existentialism, nouveau roman, and absurd may be considered. Texts in English, French, and German figure most prominently, but Spanish, Italian, Russian, and other materials may be examined. Content and emphasis vary.
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